Sharon the soap critic was invited to the Emmerdale set during the filming of the storm she spoke to John middleton, Emily Symons and Dominic Brunt. Dominic told her how he had layers and layers of clothing on to keep warm. Emily said she was "in charge of turning the key" She needed lots of reassurance that doing that wouldn't cause things to blow up. John showed her where the stain was were he was bleeding from an artery.

Later in the programme Sheree was interviewed, Fern asked about the film and was everything flattened. Sheree said well there was no flying sheep, she also said it was quite exciting filming as they stayed until the early hours, it was like "we should be in bed but here we are filming"
The storm reminded Phil of the Wizard of Oz.
Here we are said Fern Marlon refusing to believe that Tricia has gone and is going through the wedding album. That was quite good said Sheree I'd almost fallen asleep when he was doing that, when I told Harry what I had to do at work, he said then as she was laying in bed allday she could look after the children in the evening.
Phil asked if it was strange having done her dramatic scene the rest of her time was laying there. She said it was strange yes, but she had a bit more acting todo as Marlon talks to her in his head but they act it out. She is already missing her friends from the set. The reason she is leaving is so she can spend more time at home with Harry and the children. Sheree and Harry got married in Vegas, she was worried it may be tacky but it was fantastic and she never saw Elvis once.
Sheree said she had a quiet but good Christmas, Harry had to train Christmas morning, so the children waited for daddy to come home to open their presents.
Asked what she was planing to do next she said nothing at the moment she is going to enjoy being with her children, but ideally she would like some kind of drama that she could see the end of. May be 2 months work then nothing for the rest of the year. Fern laughed and said that was the kind of job she would like.
After admiring Sherees diamond watch a Christmas present from Harry they said good-bye.