On the 17th August 2005 part of This Morning was live from the studios of Emmerdale
Becky is introduced as coming live from Emmerdale
Becky then shows us Betty's "house" mentioning that Stan Richards had died earlier in the year. She went on to show how the House was a set. She moved to other parts of the village within the set, showing the bits and pieces that make it so real. Mentioning too the sell by dates on the chocolate bars in the post office.
Then came clips from the 33 years of Emmerdale starting with the very first episode ending with The chimney collapsing on the Wool pack, with in between Tina's non wedding, Dave's death, the plane crash Zoe's first kiss.
Marlon and Donna then came along to be interviewed, with a clip of Fridays picnic shown.
Verity admitted to listening to sad music to help her cry. Both Mark and Verity said they were mates in real life which made it easier to work so much together.

Donna shows off her engagement ring, saying they are at the moment filming the build up to the wedding, they couldn't tell you any thing else it's to be a surprise.


They both used to watch Emmerdale before joining the show, Verity went on to say how she felt on her first day when she was just 12. Very nervous but Deana took her under her wing.

Then it was time for the quiz section. Simon and Nicola were introduced they were helping with the quiz. They talked a bit about Simons mum loosing all his money, and they were having fun filming this storyline.

nicola shows the 4000th episode script and bottle of bubbly the winner will take away.

Simons keeping his ear on the bell, football rattle and horn. Whilst Nicola keeps score.


The contestants Geoff, Denise and Caroline were given a very quick introduction, before being put straight in the firing line.
The questions
1 When did Sadie King make her debut?
2 When did Emmerdale move to prime time?
3 What are the average viewers?
4 Name 3 original characters from the first episode
5 What did Zoe offer Charity to leave the village and Chris alone
6 Who is the father of Debbie's baby
7 Why did the village change it's name
8 Which celebrity opened the new look Woolpack in 1995?
9 Who was the first barmaid at the Woolpack?
10) What the names of the first babies born?
11 How did Jacob die?
12 ) What happened in the 1000 episode?

The final score board, Denise was the winner

A final wave from Dale, Nicola Caroline, Denise Geoff and Beckie

Hosted by Notnet