Bob on this morning with John and Colleen
First there was the clip, this one was taken from about 6 months ago when Bob was trying to get back round Viv. After this was explain Antony went on to say he and Viv have been married since then, and had a couple of ups and downs. Antony then explained who/what his charactor was
"Bob Hope, he was a naughty nylons sales man for Naughty Nylons,
now he works for Eric Pollard that antique." He talked of the Naughty Nylon competition said it was a great story line.
John asked Bob why it is known that he had said the part is always one he had wanted. He said it's great to have a strong part, a good comedy role he has done a lot of serious stuff in his career its good he can have something he can play around with. Because they make so much, 10 episodes in 2 weeks the comedy is instant, they can play around on set. Deena is a fantastic actor to work with, we bounce of each other well
Bring back "Acci" mention was made to the other character Antony had played about four years ago. He in his former part had knocked Betty out with a pic axe handle. He has also been in Prime suspect. He said Emmerdale was a good programme to work on. and the cast and crew are great people. He also so explained to John, the reason for the move to the village set away from Esholt.
He was then asked if he was pleased to be nominated for best newcomer in the NTV awards he said he was, and although he was there last year it was all very new to him. They then reminisced on the incident with Judy's top.
Earlier in his career Antony was the body in the animals at Thorpe Park.
He has voiced the shows there as well as written and produced them.
He also has a band that does gigs, John said if he won next week he wanted an impromptu performance. "Why not said Antony"..... that ended the interview.


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