Bob Hope
This Morning
What is it about Weddings in Emmerdale, no matter who is tying the knot there is always someone or something that just won't
stop spoiling things. Then we saw clips from:
Tina and Luke. Kathy and Biff. Mandy and Butch. Nicola and Carlos Finally: Dawn and Terry
Antony was introduced Fern did a run down of the story todate. The concenus was the wedding wasn't to bad. Pretty smooth. Bob is to be found wandering into the penguin pool at the zoo. He is found disconsolate by the penguin pool, it did though Tony said take all morning to shoot as the penguins wouldn't do what they normally do eat fish. Philip said he has a wicked streak that went through him that makes him cough at the quiet bit of the wedding after the vicar has asked for any impediment.
Bob had bought his wife Ruth along, she was sitting in the back, Bob said she had drawn a picture of Philip while she was at school (it got put on the wall )when asked why very quietly in the background you could here her say she used to really admire him. Philip then said he was glad she never had a microphone. Bob said she had the major hots for him and it was a good job she was sitting way over there.
Asked about his own wedding Tony said they had a wedding in a hay field near where they live it was for family and friends. They have 2 children a girl and boy. Philip asked what advice Tony would give his own children after going through that storyline.
Tony gave a run down of Bob's relationship with Dawn. The thing that effected Bob so much was that he missed out on the dating etc., then Dawn has married his best friend with who they had discussed everything
including sex so he knows exactly what she is doing the thought is daunting.
Fern asked about Bobs marriages, he had been married 4 times agreed Tony.Viv is number 4 but obviously number 1. Fern asked you have found out that viv has had a fling, Bob has thumped the limo driver if Ruth ever
did that would you do the same thing? Tony answered well er Viv, er Ruth's often around limos, there was laughter from Ruth in the background. There was a clip of Thursdays episode Dawn was comforting a crying Bob when Viv walks in Bob said I've nothing to say to you. There was an Ahhhhh from Fern who said Viv still loves you you see.
Tony: She shouldn't have gone after the limo driver then should she
Fern: but pot kettle and all that stuff
Tony Bobs done nothing wrong his a good man
Fern: But in his previous life? It's Kama you see
Tony: Yeahhhhhhh
Philip: Is he going to break the habit of a life time and stop running away?
Tony: It doesn't look like it, I think he may go yeah.
Fern: You mean leave?
Tony: It's a possibility yeah
Fern: Are you breaking us a story here?
Tony: Well I can't really say, but there is more misery ahead.
Fern: Ohhhhh no but you've done 3 years is it? Have you enjoyed it?
Bob: Yes it's been 3 years and I've had a great time....
Fern: But?
Tony Well you'll just have to wait and see, but there is a lot of upset to come.
Phil: Oh my god
Fern: your in a band aren't you? White Van Man
Tony: yeah White van man. I just sing it's great fun, I did Stars in Their Eyes with Deena
They then played a clip of that.
It was noted they won that, Tony said it was an illusion to how much they looked like them because
they sounded nothing like them
It was time for thanks and good-byes.