Tony Auldenshaw
on LKtoday 10/09/03
The sexiest man in pop is still to come announced Lorraine,
but first someone who can give him a run for his money.
Normally found behind the bar at the Woolpack welcome Tony Aulenshaw
who plays Bob Hope. By the Tony in full 70's gear had made his entrance and sat on the sofa
opposite Lorraine.
Lorraine Welcome Tony, and why are you dressed as a 70's icon?
Tony I have no idea
Lorraine, and why have been dressed like that for the past three weeks?
Tony I'm doing it for a month for the Leukaemia research fund. How it came about was,
I run for the Leukemia research running team. I was always running about at work getting the same people to
sponsor me, then I thought I've got this huge collection of 70's clothes, and I'd wear them for a month all the time
both in house and out.
Lorraine then admired Tony's shoes and she said she was impressed that he could still get in to his 70's clothes.
He bought the suit he was wearing in America. He does everything apart from work in them. Including two weddings
One of his friends thought he was just trying to be trendy and failing miserably.
Lorraine said it was a good idea.
Tony will be running in the Great North Run he will be wearing 70's gear but shorts and trainers.
Tony then went on to talk about his t shirts, they are being sold on ebay. Click here for T shirts
The one he held up made £250 at the Spa theatre in Scarbourgh
Almost every day is a new T shirt, some have already been sold. Vintage clothes.
They moved on to talk about Emmerdale, Lorraine said Bob had grown on her, asked if
she didn't like him at first she said she wasn't sure whilst she thought he had been cheating and had a shady past.
Bring me up to speed said Lorraine, you are back from holiday, but viv isn't because she has denji fever
Yes said Bob bitten by a mosquito, the mosquito died immediately.
So she is still in quarantine but Bobs brother Eddie has turned up.
They then showed a clip.
Bob idolizes Eddie, and doesn't know that Eddie isn't doing very well at the moment, but it wont be
long before he finds out.
Tony has been in Emmerdale 3 years now.
Lorraine asked about Tony's kids, he said they were 8 and 6, Lorraine said it was a good age
to be embarrassed by their dad but Tony said they quit liked the 70's gear really.
They liked putting on the wigs and stuff and dancing around.
Tony was then asked if he would like to stay on and join in with Kelly plays pop.
Which he did.
Lorraine mentioned Tony's band White Van, they will be playing after the Great North Run.
Tony has a webpage where he can be sponsored online Here