Sunday June 13th 1999. The first and so far the only cricket match I've been able to attend. I'd not long had my first digital camera either, by todays ones it was big bulky and expensive. The picture quality not too great either but that could be down to the user rather than the equipment.


Chris TatePeter Amory giving an interview. This was the nearest we could get to him, being surrounded by minders.
distant cricketcricket
The zoom then wasn't up to much, it's impossible to see who was playing, it was though the Emmerdale team. In the distance can be seen marquees. The Emmerdale club had one of these and a buffet lunch was served to those attending.
autograph being signedInside the marquee cast members signed autographs for those who queued, and queued some of the fans did here you can see Seamus O'Neill who played John Whilie Emilys father signing for two club members.