fans Kaarina
The Fans gather in the bar after arriving , Friday is a relaxed night catching up with old freinds meeting new ones and a few of the cast who can't make the Saturday drop in.
Come Saturday evening, glad rags are on and there are a host of Emmerdale cast at the dinner. Kaarina comes all the way from Finland and is enjoying getting to know Steve (Zak).
Dusty Eric
Dusty Bin opens the disco with a dance across the floor Chris (Eric) is the auctioneer for the evening, all the proceeds go to charity, there are some unusal Emmerdale souvineers to be bought.
fans sitting Mark
Three Emmerdale club members enjoying dinner and wine. Mark (Marlon) gets the drinks in I think Dusty was after his.
Zak Mark Frankie
The cast make a red carpet style entrance, to rounds of applause. Frankie arrived in her feather coat
Stan Emilys dad
Stan (Seth) makes his entrance. Sheamus (John Whylie) makes his entrance.
Kath and pint And last there's Kath, she told me that pint wasn't hers but did she expect me to believe her?