canteen view
The mobile canteen they do great grub. The team that work there catered for over 100 members of the Emmerdale club with three choices of main course aswell as soup and pudding.
Right next door to the refectory are the Dingles and Reynolds. from the driveway of Stubb Farm you can see the village in the distance.
Holdgate pig house
Walking across from the canteen to the Reynolds place. A view across the fields from the Dingles.
mud lunchbox
The mud at the Dingles is real. A lonely label, a reminder of the past when Mandy sold burgars from her caravan.
Holdgate Holdgate
The entrance to what used to be the Glovers and is now the Reynolds place, how long with they be there I wonder.
dark trevor
  Trever has a look around Holdgate, formerly Stubbs farm.
Mill Brook Cottage bridge
  The village in the distance, Mill Brook Cottage can just been seen. The village is surrounded by fields.