Vivs shop back stage
The interior of Vivs shop is in the studio, the lottery machine is an actual working one. Backstage, these are the things not seen on the screen
cameras marg and Bev
Cameras and videos are at the ready and click non stop. Margaret and Bev the resident tour guides,
trevor at the bar
Trevor at the Woolpack Bar waiting and waiting and.... Plenty of customers it seems but no staff.
The farmhouse kitchen a lot smaller than it looks on screen. Tim Fee giving a talk on how things are done.
  Everyone is seated int he canteen listening to Tim before the tour. One of the operations rooms upstarirs.
The pictures here are of Betty and Seths place. If you look to the ceiling you'll see there isn't one.
The three girls giving a talk are the storyliners, they put together the ideas for future storylines befor passing to the producer and writes to go into scripted form for the screen, some big stories can be a year in the making.