back gardens graveyard
Something we don't normally see on screen so much these days. Seth's greenhouse and the back gardens. There are gravestones galore in the graveyard.
graveyard signpost
I've no idea where they dug up some of the very old ones. Not far to Robblesfield from here, Hotton being in the other direction.
vicerage view of the village
Mill cottage right opposite the Vets. The top road into the village, the Woolpack can be seen behind the post box.
oakdean Smithy cottage
Oakdean on the corner of main street. Smithy cottage has a lot of visitors.
Tree planting Tree planting
This year is the 10th aninversery of the Emmerdale Club To mark it a tree was planted in the front garden of The Grange.
Oakdean Victoria Cottage
PearTree cottage right nextdoor to the Woolpack. Victoria Cottage in the centre
left side of street Woolpack
More cottages along the street, some of these house the grrenroom, toilets and the security office. The Woolpack or at least the shell, the interior is in the studio.
vicarage interior antiques
The interior of the vicarage is house in the skin of Mill Brook Cottage. On the wall is a picture of one of the former vicars, The Rev. Ronald Hinton. Erics antique barn, home of Dodgy deals.
gardeners cottages Banner
The cottages that are just outside the village, Alison the on set gardner uses them as her storage shed. The banner welcoming the club members, it stayed in place all weekend.