Tim Fee To start the weekend Tim Fee gives a welcome speech. During he explains what is happening over the weekend
Bob Hope Tony Auldenshaw aka Bob Hope signs some autographs.
Carol Waring Now we have Vivs best friend Carol Waring played by actress Helan Pearson
Angi Freya Copland aka Angie Reynolds got her share of hugs posing during the evening.
freya Freya signed many an autograph too.
terry Billy Hartman better known as Terry Woods poses for photos.
  Terry Again Terry posing for photos.
fans The bar at the Weetwood where the fans gather
richie Glenn Lamont has fun with fans, he will be better remembered as the computer wizard Richie Carter.
Peter Amory Peter Amory is chattering to fans, and there with his back to the camera can be see Roly Plant. also with her back tot he camera is Helen from the Isle of wight
Peter and Roley Peter aka Chris Tate is standing tall chattering away with a fan. A front shot of Roly too.
Ben Ben Freeman pops in just as dinner is finishing. He leaves his Scott persona at the studio.
Ben Freeman Maybe Ben has time to eat, he picks a seat near Kath and Claire who is sitting behind.