Out and about over the Weekend

Zak built Belle a roundabout, it still sits in the Dingles yard.
Most people grow vegetables or flowers, but the Dingles grow scrap.
planning The planning application for the factory.
Tottenham Tottenham having a hunt aound to see what he can find.
Marcs Upstairs at the Reynolds are Marc and Ollies bedrooms,
cars Next to the canteen the vehicles are parked ready for when they are wanted.
bus The double decker bus was bought on to the set for the club members to eat thier lunch. It was cooked on the location truck just as it is for when the cast eat on location
food Club members queue for their lunch. Sampling such delights as Pollards Mushroom rissotto.
oakwell We were taken to the place that is know on screen as Oakwell Hall.
Val Val Lawson, tells stories of filming and how things are done.
Steps The front steps are crowded. plastic footwear was worn inside to protect the flooring,
ashly and Bernice Next we were off to the vicarage, and there to greet us were Ashley and Bernice's standins.
SteveG Steve G has a look at the vicarage.
church The church was next.
scaffolding The scaffolding is there ready for the repairs.