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Friday night at the Emmerdale fan club weekend
Friday the 25th of January, I was sitting waiting for a coach at Victoria station, when the stranger came up to me and flashed... What she flashed was her Emmerdale club badge. This was Choirgirl, who was also traveling to the Fan Club weekend. After a four and a half hour journey no stop chattering for us but must have bored all the other passenger's rigid with our favorite programme. We arrived in Leeds, it was pouring. We spied a taxi rank but no taxis and a queue of people. It seemed like forever but about twenty minutes later we jumped into one. Straight to the Weetwood Hall, we booked in, the first to see me was SteveG, Kaarina and Tottenham.
Friday night in the bar.
Here we have a member of ECT (left) and her other half chatting to Kaarina.
The projection screen. This was on all over the weekend. Was great fun for me and those who know how to use it, but for others was a tad confusing.
.Next up we have the intrepid Sal with her camcorder.
Fridays menu
The late night crew. It's about 2 am Saturday morning now and as you can see Star Angel along with SteveG is trying to get comfy for the night.
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