Saturday the 26 January 2002
Weekend links


Tottenham is ready to party.
Stan signs an autograph for Megan
Seamus Gubbins better known as Ray Mullen arrives witih his guest and poses with two fans
Tim Fee greets Clive Hornby at the door
Tim poses with two of his angels
Patrick mower makes an entrance.
  Nicola Wheeler and Kate McGregor pose as soon as they arrive.
Tim with mre of his angels, he claimed he wouldn't get his job done unless they were there
Kelvin and Sammy nearly make it to the bar.
Ben takes time out in front of the camera.
Vicky Binns and Anthony Lewis closely followed by Karl Davis, with Verity in the back
Left to right Anthony Lewis, Vicky Binns, Karl Davis, Verity Rushworth and Jason Hain.
In charactor they are Marc and Ollie Reynolds, Robert Sugden, Donna Windsor and Craig Calder
Here we have Cynthia Daggert aka Kay Percell, Angie Reynolds or Freya Copeland, to the right Danielle Henry who plays Latisha Daggart Dannys sister.
Danny Daggert real life name is Clevland Cambell
A very quiet entrance for Mr Pollards alto ego Chris Chitell.
Bob Hope or Antony Audenshaw
Emily Symons left Louise behind.
Deena Payne is already to party.
Dinner is served.
The cast join in and dance the night away.
Two club members show everyone how it's done.
Verity leave Donna behind and treads the boards
Freya and Jeff enjoy a pint or two.
Star Angel pleased with her acquisition of the Damascus street sign.

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