Weekend links



First stop was The Works were props for Emmerdale are made along with other programmes
Today saw the making of a "brass" plaque. We saw it from the design on the computer through the machine then hand cutting, to being stuck on it's wooden mount.
Elsie was the winner of the lucky number so it was made for her. You can see her proudly displaying it.
As well as watching the progress of the plaque we were all gathered together to have our picture taken, the reason was a to be kept a surprise until Sunday lunch time.
After the tour all the members of the club were presented with a bottle of Dale beer.
Next stop was the studios just around the corner for a welcome cup of coffee and a Dingle pig. Those that have been before will know that is a cookie .
The BAFTA which is displayed in reception.
. Here are the rest of the awards that Emmerdale has won also on display in the reception area.
Here we have then just a few of the many sets in the studio.
Seth and now it seems Betty's computer.
Viv and Bobs front room, if you look in the back you can see a picture of the two of them together.
Now that Lady Tara has gone it seems there is no need for her furniture. All priced up and labeled.
That bed could tell many a story. The whole lot is displayed on the set which used to be the farm house.
If you couldn't see the wood floor you may have thought these bookcases were outside.
For Bernice fans the door of the Woolpack on the inside set.
Found this in Marlon and Tricias, posters for the flowers in bloom competition.
The inside tour done, it was time to climb in the coaches, there were four in all this year. And off we went to Location, lunch the Renalds, Dingles and of course Erics factory.
First thing I find is Pegs place.
A closer look reveals it all burnt out.

Trying out Pollards chair for size. I can't see a computer though.

Invoices I wonder if they are paid?

Very impressive, will the letters MP ever be added?

At last I've found Erics computer it looks a bit complicated.

Contents of the safe, complete with the continuity photo.

Another lot of creative art work awaiting finishing

Some of the "class" pottery that the factory turns out. Can you read what it says on the notice board?

The table all ready for the workers could you imagine sitting here?

I saw this in a corner, anyone seen it on screen yet?

Good thing Peg isn't billeted here I don't think she'd like the posters.
From the factory to Cains bedroom.

Here we have Tottenham being interviewed by Jenny Powell

Tottenham again getting into full flow.

Signing away his life?
The soap fever crew followed us about all Saturday.

This is the truck where it was all cooked and served from

All I can say is mega portions and delicious.
Lunch time. Saturday lunchtimes menu.

The outside of one of the chalets
Filming takes place in a real holiday park. The bar scenes will get more difficult to do as the summer approaches. Filming will have to take place out side normal opening hours
Next stop was the holiday village. And Sal taping away.
The bar you would normally see Maggie behind.

The lake.

It was all murky and muddy today, it's probably very nice in the summer though.

It was then off to Ashley's church.

This is the path where Bernice went into labour.
From here we were whisked back to the Hotel for a talk by Val Lawson (1st assistant director) Bob Longhorn (The man who knows where to buy everything) and Lance Milligan (head of frocks) After which it was a quick shower and get changed for Gala night