Weekend links


All the fun of the village
After a heavy night of partying we were again up and out by 9am. This time to the village.

The B&B

Sue deciding whether she'd like to stay here.

No furnture in this room.

Steve and Sue after a visit up stairs.

This one is for renting out.

Or this one

Time for breakfast.

Please sign the guest book

Poor dead Batley

Edna's place

The old tea rooms are for sale.

Upstairs at Annies cottage

Annie and Henry on the shelf

If you look closley you can see old pics on the mantlepiece

Jacks new kitchen

Robert or Andy's half?

Again which brothers?

Is this the cupboard they hide Victoria in?

Emmerdales new vet

Batleys vet notes

Can you see the bird?

Zoe's new pad

Zoe's kitchen

This used to be Lauras place.