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Thanks to Coz who taped, screen grabbed and did the transcript for me
Male Calendar presenter: Did you know that some of Emmerdale's most devoted fans come from Finland? And that once a year, members of the Finnish fan club make a pilgrimage to the set of their favourite soap to see behind the scenes and to meet the stars, as Calendar's Gail Mellors found out.

Gail Mellors (Calendar reporter): Lights camera and action. A demonstration of the tricks of the trade guaranteed to get the Emmerdale tour off to a dramatic start. It's an old trick of course. One which has been used before. But if it was good enough for royalty. today's die hard fans reckon traveling all the way from Finland was well worth their while.

Kaarina: It's down to earth, because it's real. Because Finnish people are alot similar to Yorkshire people in character.

Gail Mellors (Calendar reporter): Each year devotees travel from far and near to visit the famous village.

Female fan: You get to see it front on, from in the village and everything, cos it looks completely different on the telly.

Male fan: It's fantastic. It's really interesting to look around and see how it's all done and everybody's so helpful. Yeah, it's a really good day, lots of fun.

Gail Mellors (Calendar reporter): 30 years since it's launch and it's scenes like these (Zoe burning church down) which the fans keep tuning in for.

Gavin Blyth (Emmerdale publicist): It's the clever blend of humour and drama which Emmerdale's been always noted for across the years. It's got great humour. It can laugh at itself, which I think people appreciate.

Gail Mellors (Calendar reporter): It may be fiction, but for the fans from Finland, a treck to TV land is like a breath of fresh air.

Christine Talbot (Calendar presenter): I wonder why there's such big fans in Finland, particularly?

Geoff Druett (Calendar presenter): Well the only reason I can think of, you know in the winter, they have very long, very dark nights. Probably 5 nights of Emmerdale must be great.