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Emmerdale XI 'v' Malton XI

Malton Cricket Ground

Sunday 25th May 2003
Cast Members at the match were:
Chris Chittell (Eric)
Patrick Mower (Rodney)
Karl Davies (Robert)
Danny Tennant (Ali)
Matthew Booth (Paul)
Frazer Hines (Joe)
Kay Purcell (Cynthia)

Match Commentator:
Richard Stead from Minster FM, York

Report by Our very own Roving Reporter
The sun was shining onto the crease as the usual photo-shoot took place, with Chris Chittell and Patrick Mower at the stumps. The match began at 2pm with the Malton XI winning the toss and batting first. Emmerdale did a great job of fielding, especially Caroline Chittell (Chris's wife), who got the biggest cheer and celebration for making a prize catch on the boundary.

After 20 overs the heavens opened and it poured down for about 90 minutes. A lot of local people made their way home whilst the ardent fans (not mentioning any names) sneaked their way into the pavilion where the players were now having their tea and buns! This was an ideal opportunity for photographs and autographs from the cast; who were all relaxed, friendly and very chatty. It was nice to catch up with Kay Purcell whose husband, Cheddy, was playing for the Emmerdale team. Apparently, Kay has just finished making a film, so keep your eyes pealed.

Eventually the rain stopped and it was "our team's" turn to bat. They managed a few 6's but unfortunately lost the match by 29 runs - better luck at Ackworth, guys and Caroline!

Altogether a good afternoon - helped by the fact that your very own Roving Reporter won first prize in the raffle; a portable CD/radio/cassette! I wanted the football signed by the players of Middlesbrough FC but you can't have everything!

Next match - Ackworth, Nr Pontefract on 13th July; see you there