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Emmerdale, Heartbeat & The Royal 'v' Harrogate Police

Football Match

Rossett Sports Centre
Saturday 31st May 2003

Stars playing the in the team were:
James Hooton (Sam Dingle, Emmerdale)
Karl Davies (Robert Sugden, Emmerdale)
A Doctor from The Royal but name unknown!

Non-players but attendees:
James Carlton (Emmerdale & Heartbeat)
David Lonsdale (David Stockwell, Heartbeat)

Today wasn't only remembered for being the hottest of the year so far - 27º in Yorkshire - but also the day when our Emmerdale team lost 8-2 against Harrogate Police!

The match kicked off at 2pm after a minute's silence at Rossett Sports Centre in aid of Leukaemia Research and Candlelighters. Unfortunately, the event hadn't been well publicised so things were very quiet around the pitch.

By half time we were losing 3-1 (it could have been 3-2 but, sadly, we missed a penalty for handball!).

The Police seemed to change their entire team for the second half - they had enough players to field four full teams! Their goals poured in one after the other and by the 7-1 stage we were given four penalties in succession. I think only one of those was "bona fide" but the Ref felt sorry for us and kept allowing another. We held our heads in shame as we failed to score from the 'spot'. Karl Davies tried to 'Bend It Like Beckham' - but failed and even James Hooton couldn't get the ball in the back of the net. We missed 5 penalties!!!!!!

We managed to pull a goal back but the game ended 8-2. We didn't need any excuses but it was a scorching afternoon and just not the sort of weather to be chasing a ball around a pitch for 90 minutes!!! Well done guys, the match should go down in history.

Your Roving Reporter