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Friday night
The 24th dawned and it was time to travel to Emmerdale country.
A great start. A line fault making my first train 93mins late which meant missing my connection in London. That sorted I arrived an hour later than I planned. But still after dropping my bags off there was time to say hi to old friends and new club members before a trip to the stables bar to meet Kaarina
The display is lots if the props from the studio ready for sealed bids. All the proceeds went this year to the Candlelighters. These and other items al found new owners after Saturday evenings dinner.
Over in the Stables, Weetwoods pub, Saria Finnish fan living in Leeds is interviewed and photoed by the Finnish reporters who joined the weekend. We also bumped into Richard Moore (Jarvis) and Billy Hartman (Terry)
Friday night brought surprise guests to the evening in the form of Leah, Amy, Ben, Richard, Jeff and Billy. They came tonight as they would't be able to make it tomorrow. My pictures I'm afraid aren't that clear. my excuse, it's a new camera and I didn't adjust it properly. Hopefully though I will be sent some more.
The pictures are of the cast and fans enjoying themselves. After dinner there was the showing of the evenngs episode of Emmerdale which just happened to be the birth of baby Jean.
After there was a quiz and a showing of an older episode, Nicolas wedding that never was.