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After Homefarm the coaches took us on to location, no not the village yet but the Dingles, Reynolds and the canteen area. We saw and were allowed in all the vehicles used in the series.
Stubbs farm was now empty and was in the proccess of being redecorated.
Cains room is the same as usual, I think though thats a new cup that was in the cabinet, but there was no engraving on it.
The view from the back of the Dingles. Pollard has had his delivery of summer stock
The explosion.Well it Was Ian Rowleys really. After a short film showing lots of special effects. We had a quiz with the winner pressing the detonator. Sue won it getting 17/20 but allowed one of the children there to press it for her. We were all told to stay under the marquee. The pipes that you can see going to the car are usually buried in the ground, the petrol tank was filled with water as was the seats soaked with it. The plunger plunged there was a huge bang and part of the car went flying in the air, the flames went high and the team went and put it out.
The rest rooms and make up room all on location. To the left below is the Green Room and I think some soap star wannabe's? Oooops sorry Steve you have appeared on Emmerdale haven't you! Then man in the middle does lots of location stuff with YTV.
This was a first Clive popped in for lunch, well to sign autographs while everyone else ate. As he couldn't make the Gala he didn't disapoint his fans The queue for pictures and autographs must have been a mile long.