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After a trip around Homefarm, exploding cars just outside the village and a tour of the works it was back to the hotel for the talk. Tim Fee had told us this was a talk not to be missed.
A quick cup of coffee and seats near the front. It was well worth it. Val introduced Neil Docking he is the storyline editor.
Instead of the usual talk Neil had decided we would do as the storyliners do and put a storyline together. It was explained that every soap had it's long term character that can be drawn on for a storyline. So Jack being the longest was chosen.

To start us of we needed another character, sitting next to me was Steve, who shouted out "Archie." Another voice from the back joined in, OK said Neil We'll bring back Archie..... Errrr who is Archie. It was explained that Archie vanished the night of the plane crash. Although Neil is a storyliner when he joins a new soap he never looks too far back when looking at the character history, but leaves it to the researcher to say if that story had been told before.
Archie explained, it was decided that Jack bumped into him in a bar. He had been suffering from Amnesia. During the catching up Zoes pregnancy came up which made Archie curious to see her again. So he came back to the village with Jack. He manages to persuade Zoe to set up home with him for the sake of the baby. That in turn puts Scott out as he is the father. Although upset at being a grandmother Viv backs up her son in his fight for parental rights. Although Zoe still can't remember. This leads to DNA tests and a courtcase. Bob and Donna being there for the support of Viv. This was very hard for Chloe to take, seeing how she had just got back together with Scott. In usual soap style this would send her to the arms of another. The male in this case though is Pollard. His wife away he has the time to listen to the distressed Chloe. So Pollard and Chloe become an item, and way down in London his wife Gloria hears of it. The headlines in the next days paper? MP commits suicide by leaping off the London eye....... (It would have been Big Ben but there was not water for her to land in for the filming).
I don't think I left anything out, but if you were the and can remember please email me. and let me know.
Thanks Neil it rounded off the afternoon nicely.