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The 2004 British Soap Awards

Although the doors to the awards didn't open until 4.30pm the queue had started forming way before midday. Decided that unless you are one of the first there, it's not worth the bother of the wait, you may as well turn up just before the doors open as it was set out to be deep rather than long, everyone got in The ones who arrived at 4.15 had the same chance at autographs as the ones who had been waiting since before 1pm
The camera men and presenters arrived and had their own queue. This mornings soap presenter Sharon was with them.. It was the first time she had signed autographs, well it wasn't my fault that I told the people next to me who she was and they went running down to her, then others went and followed.

The duo from Entertainment now where the first on the carpet they were recording an introduction. It took 4 takes to get it right.
Emily Symons was one of the first of the Emmerdale actors to take the walk. Stopping to sign autographs on the way.

Mark Charnock came into a cheer and there was a scramble for his signature.

If you look carefully on the next shot you can just make out Ben Freeman, he entered along with Amy Nutall. Most of the starts were called over to give interviews to the various crew. The first sighting of the Emmerdale tea towel can be seen too.

Lorraine Chase and Patrick Mower stop along the way for the fans, Some of the Emmerdale cast went straight in without stopping I'm guessing they were shy?

Syd, Simon were two of them, Ashley and Laurel gave an interview but were ushered through quite quickly. Eddie Hope was also there he walked in with a man dressed as what looked like a peanut, I never managed to get a picture of that, so watch those Tv programmes it's bound to be on there..

Charley Webb can just be seen through the crowd. Signing away.
It's that tea towel again, Will Richard Moore See it?

He did and he held it high flying the flag for Emmerdale.

The bowls of flowers, well they did look nice until the end when they were picked and taken as souvenirs.
From this picture it's easy to see the whole thing took place outside the studio I'm glad the rain held off.

The cameramen the other side of the red or purple carpet took these, they were only one deep so could see clearly.



Again it was the cameramen who got these, behind Tricia you can see Mark signing for the fans.

The lady on the right if you don't already know is Patsy Kensit AKA Sadie King.

I'll add more pictures if I find them or if any are sent to me.

Would I go again? I don't know. You see more on the TV but it doesn't do the atmosphere justice. Come to think of it, I don't have ITV2 so if I can I'll have too :)