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Sunday Morning, for two of the coaches it was a slower start. First a talk by Lance Milligan the head of costume, he showed the flesh coloured wet suit Ashley was wearing when the car crashed, he even had the leg bit separate complete with blood. Val Lawson was there too answering questions, and telling anecdotes. After a quick cup of coffee it was off to the studios for a tour, it this year having been expanded to include Eric factory in an extension downstairs. Because of the 6 nights a week showing it is quicker and more convenient to film in the studios rather than out on location.
Even the little details are filled in, envelopes addressed to Mr. R Hope the Post Office Main Street Emmerdale.
Photos can be found around the set, to personalise them
After the tour of the studios is was back to the Weetwood for Sunday lunch and goodbyes. And a surprise guest. Clive Hornby who had been unable to attend either Friday or Saturday night popped in to say hello and sign autographs.