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Friday the 14th of January arrived, and the Emmerdale club arrived at the Weetwood Hall hotel for a weekend of non stop action. As well as lots of old faces there where new people too. Friday evening was the official starting time but some club members had been there from Wednesday or Thursday nights. Me I'd had a ride around Yorkshire Friday afternoon with Tootsie seeing the sights.
In the hotels reception a souvineer stall was set up by Ali and her husband. Aswell as the usual stuff they had some pictures and memrabilia. Some from the set itself to be sold at a silent auction. The picture you can see is one of the items. These were all for charity. For some strange reason I aquired a "vote for Pollard" rosette. Well it was purple.
Can you spot anyone? This is the bar full of club members but in there somewhere is one of the cast members.
Here we have Val Lawson, and Pru Val works behind the scenes at Emmerdale (she's an incharge type person) Pru though who had worked for years with Emmerdale works on Heartbeat. but l gave up her time this weekend.
"Diane" is busy signing autographs She was the first to arrive, looking completley different without the wig.
Leah is busy signing, I wonder how many autographs are signed over the weekend.
Ben Freeman couldn't make Saturday so came tonight,
Anyone reconise TJ? He is smiling tonight.
Jean is here too. Megan had a bag full of sweets she was trying to give away. She seemed to like the bread sticks though.
Drumsticks for Conner?
The loving parents. Ben did mention that he and Zoe hadn't worked together for a while.
Now where did I hide those sweets.

There just had to be a happy family picture.

By this time lots of the club members had gone in for thier dinner.

Megan must have thought I looked hungry
At the begining of the evening Tim said that Patsy was still filming she had had three scenes todo, and for some reason they had to be redone. He said she would turn up if she could but if filming went on too late she'd have to go straight home to her boys. As it happened she turned up as dinner was being eaten.
She stayed for quite a while posing for photos and signing books.
And here is Patsy with Tootsie and her book full of autographs.
After Patsy had left I went back to dinner, Barnsley lamb was the order of the day, well mine anyways. After which club members could go to the TV room and see the nights episode of Emmerdale, watch a video about the weekend in Scotland last June.