Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
Lanes Pictures
A confused Megan, well it is her first time.
What are you thinking Mr Fee?
Some fans gather for pictures and autographs
Glenn and Elizabth aka Diane
The cover of Fridays menu
The insides, there was lamb from Barnsley in there somewhere.
Ben Patsy and Glen, Guy can smell food and wants to be off
Now would Betty be pleased to have Dell as a visitor?
A back drop nrmally this is what you'd see through the windows of an indoor shot if you looked closely enough.
Just around the corner is the Dingles.
Emmerdale have lots of flights of stairs
Volunteers for the washing up?
Another back Drop
Tootsie in her fav place, the Woolpack.
I think Tootsie likes Dell
A cosy evening at the Woolpack or a club tour?
How much longer will this logo be there?
See Emmerdale is a real place!
Guy is on the trail of the missing Shelly.
Racks of props all waiting to be used.
Pictures of all the casts luggage. Each item is labelled as well as photographed. There are eagle eyed viewers that would write in and say that Eric has gone away with Terrys suit case.
Explosion time, the setting is just outside Erics redundant factory. The story was that Shadrach wanted a bath. All ended in flames.
Stan Richards.
Stan again this time I think with a Finnish Fan
Luke Glen and Annie
"Victoria and Belle"
"Joseph and Belle" Does Zoe know they are playing together?
Chas in a party mood
Saturday nights dinner menu
I've no idea what "Jimmy" is thinking as he signs his name.
Steph escaped from Jail for the evening. It loks like a King brother behind here there.
Dawn and Donna out on the Raz.
Steph getting into the swing of things, In the background is Kath Beedles the new Producer.
Glen and Shadrach.
Simon Matt and Max. Are the ladies safe?
Rodney having a word with Guy.
Emily isn't behind the post office counter now.
Debbie has cast away her blues for the evening.
Someone wants Mathew aka Paul Lambert.