Club Weekend
Fans pictures
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On Location
The Home of the King Empire, Holdgate Farm. Formally known as Stubbs Farm
We were treeted to one of Ian Rowleys explosions. He came up with a storyline to fit the demonstation. Shadrach was sent for a bath. There was a gas leek at the bottle and bang up it went.
Sadies bedroom, complete with a picture of Damon
Tom keeps pictures of his grandchildren on display, along with miniture trucks and golf trophys.
The one on the bottom right is the same as one my son was presented with.
More golf trophys adorn the mantelpiece
A real family man there are photos everywhere.
A close up of Mary.
On the wall was a picture of the cricket team of 1974. If you look closely you can see Alan is wearing his cap. You might be able to just see the caption. It says Emmerdale. Spot the mistake time?
Clare and SteveG trying to gain admittence.