Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
Some of Sals collection
Ben on Friday night.
Patsy must be taller than someone
The "IT" girls
Now is that Paysy chatting to a fan or Sadie sharing a secret?
Every time I bump into Cleveland his hair is different
Denzil seems to have lost chas
"Heres looking at you kid"
Kelvin just before his 21st.
Butter wouldn't melt
Simons looking pleased about something
Zoe puts her troubles behind her for the evening.
Can anyone read whats on Matts mind?
Jenny puts the first spade of earth around the tree and begins the planting.
Alison the resident Emmerdale gardener shows how it should be done.
Tim gives a speech befor the planting of the tree. Well he gives more than a speech he makes a confession.