Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
The evening begins at 7pm with drinks before dinner, followed by the charity auction then there is time to chat in the bar or dance the night away with the cast and crew.
Simon (Dale Meeks)signs one of many autographs.
It's Pauls (Mathew Bose) first time.
Jimmy and Denzil exchange a joke.
Then make time to pose.I got thast grin just after I explained he had a fan who was his golf club. (Don't ask)
Libby and Debbie having a rest in the foyer of the hotel
Belle with uncle Shadrach
Nearly a royal flush? Well a apair of Kings anyway, the rest of the hand is made up of a clergyman Ethan, a barman Paul and antiques dealer wannabe Danny.
Pearl won Tootsie at the charity auction after dinner
After Dinner fans talk to the cast.
Stan Richards can be seen in the centre.
Posing for the picture.
Paddy, Steph and Marlon .