Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
The prop department was just around the back of the studios.
None of us could make up our minds if this was Carl Kings motor. I took a picture anyways as I liked it.
This is the entrance to an abundance of treasures and little things that make Emmerdale seem real.
All sorts of things hang on the wall including posters from bygone days. The posters here if I remember correctly were use in magazine and TV campaigns not long after the plane crash.
Again more posters. Can you put a name to the faces?
The walls are covered with the history of Emmerdale.
There's even a road sign incase you get lost.
Joe had pedigrees

This is a list of props that are needed on particular days when filming, In the week they are filming OT looks as though the village hall is going to be used.

Although not photographed here, all the babies buggies and high chairs have pictures as well as being labeled so you don't see TJ with Jeans high chair or Gaby in TJ's buggy.

It's of to Hotten for the nearest Doctors these days
What's the "Hotten line"?
Racks of props that are needed daily there's a place for everything as the saying goes.
Spot the mistake
Alan before Steph
There is a few old faces here. All these pictures and posters are dotted about the props room
I'm not saying a word here, Those who know who this is know but those who don't don't.
This is the cellar I went and looked but couldn't find any blood at all.
I had to look twice at this picture to reconise the actor. Yes he was in Emmerdale,but was many years older when he joined. Sadly he is no longer with us.