Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
Saturday morning arrived and after a buffet style breakfast, the coaches arrived and we were off. First stop of the day for coach B was the studios.
We all went into the canteen and Tim Fee gave a welcome to the studio speech. He also explained what we would be doing for the rest of the day.
As you can see from the picture the decor has changed from previous years. The catering contractors are also new. Tim said they laid on a more healthy menu.
Here we have Roly Plant, George Walker and Jenny from the Anthony Nolan Trust with Glen sitting in the corner.
Through the studio doors, and along the corridor to the studio itself the first thing I see is this trolly full of balloons. Something for valentines day perhaps?
Welcome to Andy's. I don't think a lot has changed since Katie left.

I wonder if it'll be noticed if I add my ironing to that lot?


In this one the part walls can be seen
Vivs shop after he modenisation. This used to be in the village but that now is just an empty shell used for storing bits that are used on outside shots.
Because of the sponsorship from the tomato sauce people that product isn't allowed on the shelves at Vivs. What was spotted by an eagle eyed fan though was a copy of a woman's magazine with Patsy Kensit on the front cover and a caption about Emmerdale.
The tape is to stop people entering the set as it is in the middle of a shoot. This is Paddy and Emily's and there is wine on the table.
Victoria cottage has had the decorators in.
A fan tries Matthew's chair for size.
Over at Zoes, a fallen lamp. Just waiting to be put right? Or part of the storyline?
Where has the Woolpack gone?
There isn't much sound proofing in these places. Walls made of wood.
Some stairs to nowhere
A new producer is coming perhaps that's what all the brooms are for?
The nerve center of the Kings empire
It's not normally this quiet in there.
And on the window ledge little Kings trucks.
A new target for darts?
If you look through the equipment you can see a hard working Tootsie, hard working on the phone that is.
What to the farm folk at Emmerdale have on their walls?
The newspaper is real!
some continuity photos
Plans for the Woolpack toilets Gents of course.
And who but Totenham could find and try them out.
The woolpacks back room
More stairs to nowhere
The steps to the cellar, yes they are painted on the floor.

We three drunks of the Woolpack are
Left to right:

George Walker, Roly Plant, and SteveG


This is part of the new Woolpack downstairs in studio two
Here you can see that something quite big has changed.
The new bar, I went insearch of Seths plaque, just to see. And yes it was there re screwed on the new bar.
Fans leave the studio and head for the coaches.