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The British Soap Awards 2005
Or rather pictures of some of the attending Emmerdale cast as seen through the crowds.
This year I decided queuing for hours was not going to be on. So I didn't arrive at the BBC studios until gone 3.30 pm. The crowds were well and truly gathered, however some of the waiting hoards were waiting for a lottery show with Julian Clary. Even so I don't think everyone got in, in fact not that many got in after me. I was in a little bit better position that I was last year, which reinforced that I was right not to spend a whole day shivering in a queue.
Before the soap stars started arriving the photographers started to whip up a frenzy getting the audience to cheer and scream. I was told there were about 200 fans in the compact place, though they wanted to fit 300 in. The cynic in me thinks crowding, extra crowding makes for a good background for the photos and TV programme.
Everyone's heads change direction as the first arrive to walk the red (purple) carpet. Sharon Marshell who does the soap spot on This Morning can be seen in the background.
Not too good, first to arrive was Sammy Winwood (Katie) the press go as mad as the fans and she found herself facing them. The kids in the audience who had been put near the back get restless and start pushing to the front.
Next of the Emmerdale cast to arrive is Lucy Pargeter (Chas Dingle) she spent an age talking to the fans and signing autographs.
The autograph books just kept coming and coming.
Mathew Bose (Paul Lambert) arrived with Patsy Kensit (Sadie King) Paul seemed to step back and let Patsy take the limelight and sign books.
Concentrating hard as the hands reach out with their books.
Mathew gets down to signing, a couple of comments I heard in the crowds were "who's that?" and "cor there's that sexy barman from Emmy"
Sherrie Hewson( Lesley Meredith) also stopped to sign, some of the cast walked straight through rather than stop. I think through shyness or being moved through rather than anything else.
A head I recognised towering above the crowds. Mark Charnock (Marlon) stopped to put his mark in those books.
Deena Payne (Viv Windsor) stopped whilst Dominic Brunt (Paddy) went straight through.
Matt Healey (Mathew King) was one of the three brothers that were there, and one of only two I managed to picture.
I've zoomed this one in, so it's a bit grainy. This was Andy Divine (Shadrach) waiting to step on to the carpet.
The other King brother Jimmy. ( nick miles) I didn't recognise the lady he was with. Again I snapped him waiting to come onto the carpet. By this time so many of the cast of both EE and Emmerdale were being ushered in that they never stayed for long.
Again Nick Miles (Jimmy King) awaiting entrance and given the ok to step on the walkway.
Without her wig Elizabeth Estensen (Diane Sugden) in the background there. I wonder how many people recognised her as Diane?
Charley Webb (Debbie Jones) stopped to sign some books in the background you can just see Charley Hardwick (Val Lambert) through the plant.
Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle) had girls grabbing for his pen arm.
Ben Freeman (Scott Windsor) came in and stopped. What the crowd control did this year that was better was swap people at the fence at the entrance around they put the youngsters there and swapped them about after 30 min's or so to give them all a chance to get someone's autograph and see better. One of them even went into the audience to search out kids who hadn't had a good view.
Now someone tell me is this Pc Denzil ( Danny Lawrence ) without his uniform? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.
Richard Moore (Jarvis Skelton) arrives, a voice from the audience shouted "It's the bin man"
The photographers at work some standing on boxes to get a better view. The must have all been horse at the end of the evening as they were shouting themselves blue to get the pictures.
So for another year that ends the red carpet, Emmerdale managed one award this year it was for best episode. Sometimes I wonder if the panel actually watch all the soaps they are judging, but then as it;s the only one I do watch can't really comment..............