Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
Some pictures of Friday and Saturday evening from Steve.
Elizabeth stops for a picture looking a bit more healthy than poor old Diane
Steve with Zoe, lurking in the background is Glen.
Jean and TJ breadsticks at dawn?
A "family" portrait
Patsy signing away like mad, no sign of Sadie in her.
Here Pru and Roly are flanking Zoe. Pru now works on another production "Heartbeat" but she found time to come and help with the organisation of the weekend.
I wonder what shes thinking?
Pollard arrives, or is it Chris?
Daz doesn't get this close on screen.
Chas and Debbie pose for Steve
SteveG and Emily
I wonder what Denzil had just told Jimmy
Look out Max, Jimmy is talking to Libby.
Party Animals
It's a fair cop guv.
This was taken in the dinning room at the Weetwood, Stan was talking to cast and fans alike.
Stan chatting to a fan and enjoying an after dinner drink.
I can't work out who has the bigger smile.
Stan and his daughter who accompined him to the weekend.
Seth and Shadrach pose for Steve.
Away from the crowds in reception.
It looks like the girls have mislaid Steve.
Victoria walking Guy.
Steve with Kath Beedles the new producer of Emmerdale.
Belle with uncle Shadrach.
Paul and Steve know how to party
No sign of Matts cold eyes here.
Recharging batteries before a trip to the bar.
Dawn and Steve with Denise in the background.
Donna and Debbie.
No sign of Ashley while Steve and Laural pose.
Paul and Debbie, no sign of Cain here.
Andy takes a day off from farming.
I wonder if Steph baked Steve any cakes?
I'm speechless!!
Left to right.
Tim Fee Kieth Richardson and Chris Tompson
I think must have said something here.
It' all smiles again now, perhaps its because Marlon is protecting them .
Well it was late.
Jimmy has found Libby again.
Tamsin joins in the fun with Paul Chas and Debbie.
Paddy, Steph and Marlon
It looks like Pearl has given Len the slip to have a drink with Steve.
Brother and sister pose.
Breathing space for Val.
no evenings complete without Rodney
Last but not least Steve has a cuddle with Sadie,