Club Weekend
Fans pictures
Out and about
Sunday morning dawned and after a couple of hours sleep it was up to see the village, before lunch and goodbyes.
The corner of main street and the village sign.
3 guest rooms in the B&B

The B&B breakfast menu.

I usually have my boiled eggs with soldiers.

The cover of the breakfast menu complete with phone#
This belongs to Jarvis I think?
You can't spend a penny here
I had a burau like this once.
Can you see the cot in the background?
Life at Dawns
The road to Emmerdale
if you look to the left, there in the distance are the coaches
Mary Kings grave, now has that been there al the time?
Tricia has her headstone at last. The red C was for the quiz that took place around the village.
THe Tate plot
Now this is Mikes stone. Have you ever seen it in shot?
Another mark of the Kings I think they own more of the place than Tara did.
Jenny planting the tree to mark the 15th aniversery of the Emmerdale Club.
Inside the church.
Jarvis's car is still there. It was unlocked too!
This is Oaklea
Oaklea is next to the Grange preperations were underway for some lucky couple to move in.
A footpath to Robblesfield.