Club Weekend
SteveGs pictures
Fan Pictures
Out and about
Nick Brimbles aka Terrence Turner I was told 6' 2" in his stocking feet.
Still in reception the fans await the arrival or the cast of Emmerdale.

I asked for a picture of the loving couple for the members of LAST.... Sweet was one of the words used to describe them, leaving one to assume the board has been visited.


A mixed bunch here, there is TJ, Shadrach, Lisa and Kath Beadles the producer.
It looks like there is some deep talking going on here.

I wondered if the angels were trying to convert Ashley .........


The Angels are happy now they have bagged their man
Up for grabs at the auction a collage of Seth.
Tootsie and Mathew aka Paul ..... please note Mathew only has one "T"
Here we have Kaarina from Finland. Toni and the back of Jasmines head.
  Kaarina and Roly who came out of retirement just for the weekend.
The dance floor was packed for a good part of the evening, centre stage there's PC Russell. Then from left to right as I know them, Steve, Henri a director, Claire, SouthernBelle witht he red hair, and finally Delilah.
Steve and one half of Jimmy's Angels. who needs shoes?