Club Weekend
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Out and about
Leaving the village you can't miss the hoarding in the entrance.
Alices VW.

Entrance to the Kings new project.


They even have the equipment
Prospective buyers or just plain nosey?

The Angels want to find out where their Jimmy works.


House one under constuction. This could be the only one we see on screen.

More visitors to the site, can you see anyone you know?


These are plans of the estate that were on the wall in the office.
More detailed plans of the houses.
One of the desks in the office.


Another desk, the door at the rear leads into the canteen.

Now we move on to holdgate farm (Even Mr Fee slipped up this weekend and used it's former name of Stubb Farm) Going by the motorcycle on display I'd say theres a very good chance of Mr Turner moving in here.
The kitchen looks very much as the Kings and Reynolds left it though.
I love this fire.
From an upstairs window in Holdgate farm.
A new interior for Holdgate.
Complete with TV for Alan, question now is will Terrence join him?
Well out with Pollards Factory and in with Vals interiors. Though how or why Eric let her do that, is a mystry to me. Unless he wants to stay a sleeping partner.

This is now Debbies room, it used to house Cain and before that Mandy.

As you can see whilst the set is not being used the bedding is removed.

I see a group of Finnish Tourists....... I wonder if they are lost?

From the gates of Holdgate is the view of Emmerdale going to be spoilt forever with the Kings River development?

Well,,,,,,, no because although the hording is there the actually yard is behind the refectory. To the left of Holdgate Farm. The magic of film!!