Club Weekend
SteveGs pictures
Fan Pictures
Out and about
Stepping into the studio Sunday morning, the first thing I saw was this cabinet with Seths cap.
Val's Interiors
The machines waiting for their next order.
Bettys never changes
The boardroom at the Kings
Toms old office
  Ednas domain, how long will Mathew keep her?
Yet another office squeezed into the King's this one is right next door to Toms.
Rodneys wine shelves.
Looking into the sets that make up Rodneys house.
Margeret and Bev giving the tour.
One of many backdrops used to give the impression, when you see through open doors or windows that the interiors are in the village, where they should be.
Another set of backdrops with outside plants.
The new Home Farm kitchen
Homefarm again
Tom also has an office at home.
Is the stone work in the interior real?
What are the angels doing in in the HomeFarm lounge?
Cameras at the Dingles
Pollards office, It used to be in the building next to the Dingles on location it's now homed in the studios.
Eric keeps a picture of his Mayrol robes as a reminder of times gone by.
Movable scenery, reminds me of a threatre rather than a TV set.
This is the place the above fire belongs to.
Is this place tidier now Katie is no longer there?
Now comes the new sets. first there is the hospital.
Emmerdale used to use locations for hospital scenes, but empty units have become harder and harder to find, with the closing of wards and the selling off of buildings. The desision was taken to build a set, that could be used in Emmerdale and also with the change of signs used by other programmes without recongnition
Addie Orfila a 1st Assistent director explains how things work. She also pointed out the set is more like a normal size hospital in relation to someof the other sets used so with camera panning the corridors can look miles long.
There must be a reason Jimmys angels are visiting and ante-natal clinic
Here is Val Lawson she is a 1st assistant director. Val was explaining how babies work. for tiny babies a "doll" is used, this doll can be made to simulate breathing and from the pictures look real. There is a firm that specializes in making them for alsorts of television programmes.
Alices bed.
The doorway to studio one, which used to be on it's own until the Woolpack, hospital and police station moved in to studio two.
The General
Sunday lunch and who should appear but Chris. He went around all the tables, so even those that missed him on Friday had a chance to say hello.