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On arrival at the village Tim introduced everyone to Ian Rowley who works out all the stunty type things that happen on Emmerdale.
First he showed us a car on two wheels


Then he went on to explain about how they made rain.

The rainmobile has it's own water tanks so the cast only get covered with clean wet water.
One two three switch on!


This one is more like a firemans hose.

A close up of the part that never drove away.... I wonder if the wheel clamp had anything todo with it.

This is all of Mulbery cottage in the village, the rest is on set.


Tricias tree
The abandoned front half.
From St Marys notice board.

Where Seth isn't. It was asked if we could visit where Betty laid Seth to rest, but unforunatley the place was off set and down a bad path.


Shellys memorial garden.
A nice place to sit in the summer with the view over the dales
Claire and Southern Belle explore
An abandoned Christmas Wreath right by the village hall
I've checked the church cleaning rota, Laural and Edna are not on it once!
Vals new van

Can you see the cricket pavillion?

Of the two houses the left hand one is Alison the gardeners storage shed.

The Fan Club tree, this tree (or a simular one) was planted in the garden of the Grange to mark the 10th anivesery of the club. It died every year for three years. At last Alison got listen to and it was again planted but this time near the church, last year. It survived!

This doctors office is found.............. in Rodneys house.

Claire tried the place out for size.
Lurking there is a new wanna be doctor.
Kelly and Rodneys hot tub was here!!
Tis only half a mile to demdyke
Is that a witches broom I spy?
Inside Noreens cottage. Will she be back on our screens?
She likes her horses.
The kitchen is no more than a cubby hole.
The view of the village from Noreens
You wouldn't believe just to the left was a village.
The garage now Windsor and Sugden but for how long?
The Scottmobile
Whats Scott doing wit this little gem?
So they do resprays here.
Jarvis's old home up for sale.
Just to prove that it dopes get cold in them there hills. lots and lots of thermals as well as hard hats.
Maids 4U?
Taken from upstairs, above the greenroom. Yes even the village has one. Can you spot anyone you know?
I can see a Val, 2 Steves,a claire and a comander.
The two wheel car gets driven away.
Inside St Marys. Thanks to Sal. There never seems enough time to get everywhere in the village for pictures.