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On the weekend of the 9th July there was going to be a charity cricket match at Akworth , however, the world cup got in the way. I didn't know it had been cancelled until my arrival in Leeds. Nor did other Emmerdale watchers. not to let the weekend go to waste, we got ourselves a chauffeur by the name of Falcon and off we went. First stop after dropping Wolf boy off at a skateboard park was the hospital that Steph was in .



Hidden away was the Kings haulage yard. Eerily empty on a Saturday.

We then went on to the studio. As well as the cast that stopped to have pictures taken, which we appreciate. we also spoke to Chris (Eric) who was on a flying visit to get a script signed for a charity auction in the Orkneys, he was leaving on the Sunday to climb the Old Man of Hoy. He was also making an appearance later in the week on a gala night on the island.
Charlotte(Laural) was also there she said hi on running past as she had a lift waiting. Freddie had a taxi waiting but gave a wave on passing. Last but not least Kath Beedles the producer was there.

Richard 1
This was the first time I'd ever met Richard, he had just sinished filming and had a long journey home.
Richard 2
He willingly posed for pictures and signed autographs. However the with the shock of seeing him not one of us had a picture taken with him.
Kelvin and Cleveland said hello before drving off to get lunch.
Cleveland and Kelvin
John Shirley
Shirley and John having a smoke break. Shirley was Edna apart from the jeans, she gave us a wave before vanishing back inside. John however appeared not to notice us at all.
Whilst we were there two dogs arrived, they looked like mum and pup. A new storyline perhaps?
Christopher came over for a chat, whilst drinking his coffee. He said he was enjoying his time in Emmerdale. He wasn't letting any secrets out though.

Alex and Verity popping off in their break to M'D's.

It was the first time I'd met Alex . He reanamed Helen's cricket bat for her. Which for reasons those heard is being kept a closely guarded secret.

Verity and Jamie
Susan arriving for work, again another first. We did see "TJ" wandering about with his parents during the morning, also Billy So guessed rightly or wrongly they were all doing some scenes together.

Sammy arriving. She does ride those horses. If I remember correctly she said she had lessons.


Coming and going, Meg was just starting for the day, and not finishing until 8pm, she was having problems with a tooth.

Mark had just finished in the studio and was off to the village for the afternoon.

Steve was just starting for the day, he found a minute to pose and sign Helens miniture cricket bat. She is on her second now as the other is so full.
After the studios it was grab a sandwich and off for a trek. We were walking ot the village and beyond.
On the way to the village, we passed this spot. Those who have followed the stories with Zoe will reconise it.
The entrance to the village. Cast and crew only from here on in.
The back of Holdgate and the Dingles, that greenhouse has been there since the Glovers were in residence.
Again a not normally seen view of the buildings.
for sale
Now why would Holdgate have a for sale notice up?
Took a while to puzzle out what this was, In the end we decided it was a camera boom over the graveyard.
The cricket Pavillion and in the background Noreen's house.
The back of the Dingles homestead.
back of Dingles
second entrance
Heres the second entrance to the Village, again cast, crew and security men only.
Filming was taking place at the village, in the distance can be seen Jamies Ice cream van and Lens handiman car
Theres a notice in the distance.
Getting closer it seems it's father and son.
Anyone want to buy a house ?
Whats that hiding ?
From another angle?
house 2
The remains of Marlon and Donnas house it seems.
house 3
One of some Kites that were spotted flying over the village.
Looking again to the village, Toni was walking through a scene
way in
The private road leading from the main road to the Dingles and Holdgate has been tarmaced.
Walking away from the village, to the other end of the Harewood estate, there is the Cairns old residence.
After a long walk down a woody glade we came to the old mill a lot different now than when Chris and Kathy were in residence.

From the Mill we took a trip to Esholt to meet another fan and catch up on gossip, I never took photos there as I already have loads. After picking up Wolfboy that was the end of our journeying on the Saturday.
Sunday morning came the weather wasn't looking too promising. We had decided the first thing we wanted todo on the Sunday was go to Barnsley and pay our respects to Stan Richards. However dear Stan outwitted us. Search as we may we couldn't find his grave, so we left the flowers we had bought him under the tree in the centre of the cemetry.

We arrived at Kirkby Overflow, where the All saints church was used for the outside shots. On entering we saw the interior didn't match the inside shown on screen. We talk to the local Vicar who told us that this time only the outside was used.
The path where Sadie and Matthew walked down after the fight.
The gates to the church.
Apple pie and vanilla ice cream at Ripley.
After ice cream what could be n icer than a drink. So of we trot to Arncliffe, where The Falcon is, that being the original Woolpack. miles of country roads in the pouring rain. We arrive at 3.15 only to be greeted with we shut at 3pm.... pub full of peole mind, but there you go. So we left there and followed the road to......

The Cow and Calf at Ilkley Moor this was the place that Matthew King took both Louise and Sadie.


This looks like the view when Mathew was inside the B&B on screen. Talking to a bar person they explained how a false bar was built at one end so it ended up like we saw on the TV.
That there ended a very full not cricket weekend.
The match has been re arranged for the 2nd of September if anyone is thinking of going, but check first before travelling.