Club Weekend
SteveGs pictures
Fan Pictures
Out and about
Relaxing befor the big night, and proving the bar does sell tea
For familar faces. Glen Totenham Alec and Ken
Kaarina and Jimmy (Nick Miles)
Lisa (Jane Cox) and Alice (Ursula Marsden) arrive
Jimmy and his Angels
Terrence (Nick Brimble) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt)
Victoria ( Hannah Midgley) and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper)
Dingle Brothers (Andy Devine and Steve Haliwell)
Claire and Lesley Merideth (Sherrie Hewson)
  Steve and Simons mum
TJ (Connor Lee )and I think his real live dad.
Ivan (Daniel Brocklebank)Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and Alice (Ursula Marsden)
Steve and Laural (Charlotte Belamy)
Laural (Charlotte Belamy) and Ashley (John Middleton)
Steve and Nicola
Jasmine ( Jenna-Louise Coleman ) and Delilah ( Hayley Tamaddon ) Just in the background you can see Ali who runs the Emmerdale gifts
Jasmine Steve and Delilah
Shadrach (Andy Devine) and Jasmine ( Jenna-Louise Coleman )
A husband and wife disscusion?
Ian Rowley the explosions man.
Nicola and Daniel
Steve and Domonic
  Nick and Andy, this one makes me wonder what they are plotting
  Jimmys Angels are very fickle.
  Nick signed the shirts for the girls
  Paul (MathewBose ) Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt)
  Mathew had just set eyes on those T shirts.
  Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Toni ( Kerry Stacey)
  Mathew and Charlotte
  Mathew with SwedeKarin and her mum
  Claire and the good Doctor ( Richard Shelton)
  Dr Adam Forsythe (Richard Shelton) and SteveG
  Claire and Alice
  Daniel, Claire and Nicola
  Let the dancing begin
  Val Lawson
  Steve and Hayley
  Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher)
  Steve and Kerry
  Steve and Hayley
  Father and son?
  Patrick mower and Tim Fee
  Jasmine and Dr Adam
  Nick and Steve
  Mathew and Steve.
  Kerry, Jenna-Louise, Hayley and Roly
  Hayley on the dance floor
  Kerry and Henry strut their stuff.
  A close encounter with Mathew for Helen.
  Claire, Mathew and Denise
  Only Steve can ask for tongues and get shots like this.
  Mathew and Jenna-Louise
  Hannah likes to dance.
  "do me a sad face" said Steve.
  A big smile from Daniel
  At the end of the night time for a drink before retiring for whats left of the night.