Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Saturday night by SouthernBelle
Denise getting to know young Belle
A ghost? It was good to see Ursula looking healthy again
Denise tried her hardest to get arrested by Stephen Rahman Hughes better known these days as Dasari
Mark gets taller every year.

Denise meets the most happily married couple in soapland. Perdy and Grayson

Is she sitting on Eli's knee?

What I want to know is who is trying to get a scoop off of who? Mcnally (Steven Farebrother) tried to tell Denise he was the killer.
Now denise consorts with a real killer, Billy Hopwood, known in real life as David Crellin.
Laural having a rest from all that cleaning. glams up and comes as Charlotte Bellamy
Emily never said a word about her ribs as she was there for the evening.
Don't tell anyone but Denise is having a cuddle with her favourite of the moment. Mathew Bose who plays Paul Lambert.
Twice in one evening with Mark?