Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Saturday by SouthernBelle

The Prop Room
above is an old poster a reminder of the old days
when it was on twice a week.

Then theres all the baby things for Viv and Bob

A list of todo's and happenings for unit 2.
Who's else can it be but Kellys luggage.
All luggage is labeled with the charactors name
so they have the same everytime it's used.
Otherwise the viewers will be writing
in asking why one person is using someone elses case.


The next place to visit is the Police Station, I've no idea why Helen stayed the night in the cells though.
Unless she got caught inpersonating a police officer.

Then to the studio proper.
First up is Helen with the prestenter of Emmerdale confidentual the film crew who was following the tour all weekend.
Remember this promo?
The pictures on Bettys walls here are ones painted by artist Neil Jackson.
He is at the moment painting for a charity if you would likea picture painted by Neil in support of the charity I can forward emails. Or you can pm SouthernBelle on the messgae board.
The new Betty and Pearl of Emmerdale?
Helen gets to grip with "poodle"
Up stairs in Bob and Viv's
There was even a cage for Buffy.
Next a few from Homefarm.
The interior of Homefarm is built as is,
so you can see when people walk from the lounge
down the hall and to the kitchen.
A couple from the Dingles.
Then to the Woolpack

This was the first time that the newly decorated flat was seen.

It was very bright.

Claire and Helen practice pulling pints
with Ali behind and Picky checking his camera.
Something has destracted Clare.
I do believe thats a Jimmys Angel and daughter
in the background there.
HomeFarm where Tim was shot
The front view of Creskeld Hall which is used as Emmerdale's HomeFarm.