Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Saturday night and party time

Helen had to crouch for this one with young Belle

Ursula popped in as herself.
The long arm of the law with Steven Rahman Hughes known better as Dasari
Chris looks worried here with Georgia
Now he looks terrified
Deana showing Helen how to party.
Jo is frightened Helen will give him the slip.
Steven who plays the hack must surely be after a story
David hadn't hit the screnes yet in the return of Billy Hopwood.
Charlotte and Helen
Kelvin dropped in once filming had finished
  Emily is still smiling even though she was soon to be skating
  Charlie is nothing like Debbie as the smiling face shows.
Mathew and Mark having fun
The famous bat well the second one, the first is covered with signetures.
It was Mathews turn for a go.
After cricket there's cuddles.
The party is really under way with Jenny joining in the fun.
Helen tries to reach Marks height
Joe and Chris
Drinks all round?