Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Here James is with the stars of Emmerdale over the two nights.

First of all with the wicked Vet Hari

James and murderer Carl
This time with that errant husband Bob
Now with that blaggard Greyson
At last someone likable, well if you don't mind the gossiping, Betty.
Back to the rogues and Matthew
  Now Beryl
  Ex convict Billy
  Another ex con and scam miester Eli
  Now we know what Greyson is like is James getting too friendly with Perdy?
  With that gentleman rogue Rodney
  The matriarch of the Dingles Lisa
  Back from the dead, Alice
  I don't think James would put up with Viv for too long
  The man who thinks he rules the roost zak
  Shadrach tells James if he wants to move in it'll have to be in the barn.
  Marlon is looking for help for the house build.
  Paul Lambert escaping from the ladies and their problems
  Don't take advice on your love life from Andy, James!!
  How did you corner Mr Richardson the exec producer?
  A thorn between two roses, well not quiet but with Val Lawson on the left and Sarah Bagshaw on the right looking at the picture
  Laural has time to say hello before rushing off to look after mum and dad
  James please tell Ashley that Emily is falling for him!
  Is Debbie trying to sell you a bent car?
  Just the man Louise needs after that nasty Hari betrayed her trust.
  Which is it to be James? Burglary or building?