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Cricket at Ackworth 2nd September 2007
The cast we saw at the cricket were

Geogia(Perdy) Chris(Eric) Charlotte (Laurel) Roly Plant was there too.

The gates of Ackworth.


The Emmerdale souvenir table.

All sorts of bits and pieces can be purchased from Ali, tea towels, mugs, pens, notepads and caps to name but a few.


The pictures are a mixture from Neil, Denise, Claire, James and myself.

The first is of Claire and Charlotte, Belamy. Charlotte was there with her children to watch Mungo play for the Emmerdale team.

Claire with Georgia Stowe.
That hat came in very useful whilst the game was on.

Chris in deep thought.

So the game starts.

Emmerdale field first.

  Mr Plant is there out on the field.
Half way thorugh the overs and a break for some juice.
Chris takes a turn at bowling
Preparing to be photographed.
James and Ali
James and Charlotte
James and Georgia.
Chris and James
Chris stood signing at the tea break for so long Charlotte came out and tried to rescue him so he didn't go hungry.