Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about

Football at Garforth September 2007
We arrived just before half time.
Unfortunately the rain at the end stopped the charity auction.

Altogether at the football we saw.

Ben (Scott)Kelvin (Andy) James (Sam)Luke (& Elliot) (Daz ) Steve (Mcnally) Steve (Zak)Lucy(Chastity) Verity (Donna) Deena (Viv)

Clare and Ben.
Steve and Clare
Lee and Clare

Stephen and Clare outside the VIP tent.


Verity and Clare

I think this man with Clare is from Holyoaks, either that or she picked herself up someone!

  Lucy with Clare
On to the pitch
The players are starting to look wet.
This is a long way from the Hotten Courier
Spot the ball?
Something is happening over there.
Some of the crowd behind the goal
Come in Number 2!!
Half Time
Glen takes centre stage
A TV type person
Luke not looking at all worn out
Steve (Zak) and James
Don't ask but it was taken outside the boys loos
A Throw in
Another throw in!!
Verity and James
Ross and Verity
Ben and James
Steve and James
Glen and James
Lucy and James
James and Stephen
A peek at the VIP auction
£800 for a botox treatment!!!
Denise waits for someone
Claire and a man from Holyoaks
James and Ben
Steve signs a cast card
Zak shows Ross he still has the fighting spirit
Denise couldn't go without a last hug from Glen