Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about

Outside the studio

Friday found us outside the studio as it happened it was Woolpack day so there was a lot of coming and going.

Some of the cast were in a hurry so didn't stop for photos, that is to be expected at their place of work. However pictured here are those that had time.
At the studio we saw :
Kelsey (Scarlett)Alex (Jamie)Luke(Daz) Lucy(Chastity) Roxy(Jo) Ann,(carrying script 4809. (Lily)Charlotte(Laurel) Linda (Baby Sarah)Unknown boy Shirley(edna) Dickin(Duke) Charlie Webb(Debbie) Charlie Hardwick (Val)Christopher(Grayson) Steve (Zak)Freddie (Sandy)Andy Verity(Donna) Joseph (Eli)Richard(Alan) Sammi(Katie) Mark(Marlon) Jane(Lisa) Mathew(Paul) Adele(Kelly) Sally(Lexi) Paula(Betty) Dominic(Paddy) Ian Rowley(Explosives man)Kath Beedles (Producer)David