Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Cricket at Branston 26 August 2007
Chris and Frazer
Warming up we have Chris Chitell and Frazer Hines.
Patrick Mower
It's no good thinking a baseball cap with disguise you Patrick
Chris is wearing a matching cap
I've no idea what the lady said to make them laugh

Can anyone guess what Chris is saying?


Some cricket

  Nigel For some reason "Eddie Hope" looks nervous. Perhaps he is expecting Viv to pop up somewhere.
Nigel Nigel gets busy signing autographs. What amazed me was the children asking if he was famous and if so could they have a picture. What are these doing at 7pm everynight
Nigel Nigel again hard at work signing.
Patrick At half time Patrick started signing his name and soon there was a queue.
Patrick So much so he was late for his tea.
Chris I'd hate to think what Chris was shouting......... all in good fun though.
Chris and beer Chris asks the lady to hold his can while his signs an autograph for her.
Chris Now do my eyes decieve me or does it look like the lady is going to drink Chris' beer?
Roly and Frazer Stepping out the way of Frasor, Roly doesn't realise his likeness is being capture from another angle.
Fraser Waiting to be called into bat for the second half. Does cricket come in two halves?
Chris watches for that ball.
Someone made the umpire smile.
Too many people moving about at once for me to make out who is doing what to who.
Is someone out?
Yes he is definetly walking off
It's Chris , still that never stopped him. After getting changed he went into the comentry box and took over the mic.
Who is up next?
Waiting to play.
The sun was so hot, the lady there is very burnt.
Patrick is out now.
He makes his way to his wife and son.

The bouncy castles can be seen in the background. Also there is one member of the Emmerdale club in the picture.


The sky looks dark there
Frazer looking for something
"I'm nobody" The coach waits for Patrick to sign the cricket bat.
The bat was auctioned at the end of the match.
A Lancaster flying over.
Nigal returns, the attempted bribe still unopened.

Me thinks he drank it himself.

The final score was .. Well I don't understand scores but Emmerdale won by 1 run!!

Well done to both teams, and all the people at Branston who worked hard to make it an enjoyable day.