Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Helen and Lee's view of the weekend.

Friday evening the fun begins
Here I can see, Tony (Bob) Tom (Carl) Totenham and Beryl.


The Suspects are on the wall.
Here Mr Fee is giving his welcome speech, and introducing the cast members who came on the Friday.
Kelvin (Andy) with an angels daughter. Peek carefully and you can see McNally there waiting for a story perhaps?
Mr Fee introduces Tom Lister to the bar.
This time Chris(Greyson) and John (Horrible Harri) make their entrances.
Mark (Marlon) and Mathew (Paul) dance to the camera.
Two angels and their daughters
Mathew (Matt) and Tom (Carl) play the loving brothers for the camera.

Frogs eyes?


What is Andy(Shadrach) telling Georgia (Perdy) thats keeping her transfixed?
James (Sam) and Joe (Eli) don't notice who is peeking at the camera.
It looks like Conner (TJ) and Eden (Belle) are left dog sitting.
Girls I hope Jimmy doesn't see this one, you are Jimmys angels not Joe's delights.
Sunday in the village.I knwo the faces but sorry guys just can't remember the names. If it's you just email me and I'll put it here
Again my memory plagues me. I know I should know them by now!!
I do believe the rose between the two thorns is Derek.
Kaarina and Jenny join Lee and Helen for picture.
Here we have Saska (I think thats how it's spelt) Jenny, Helen and Lee
Also in the village hall are Picky Pickering, the man who shot Tim Fee and his lady wife.