Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
Friday night
Well it was that time of year again, a cold weekend in January when the Emmerdale club meet, this year I drove up on the Thursday, a different way to usual and was on the M11 when a rain fall came harder than I've been in before it was as if someone was throwing buckets of water over the windscreen. We stopped at the Boundry mill on the A1 for lunch and somehow ended up in the demo massage chairs. The chair was quite good really felt as if it was a massage. After a sleep over at SouthernBelles we arrived at the Weetwood about 1ish. Falcon and SouthernBelle drop Clare and I off the went to the statiion to pick up Helen who had been worried she may not make it because the ferries had been cancelled because of the weather. At the station Helen, Beryl and James were picked up. Once everyone was safely there a drink at the stables before changing and joining everyone in the bar for the official start of the weekend.
Even though Jimmys Angels had been told their idol wasn't going to be there the girls were determined to have fun. The fist victim was Hari... I'm sure everyone was telling him how mean he had been to Edna and Tootsie.
In the bacground there is Ken, he was under strict instructions to get his better half some autographs.
How can a King with that smile have killed his father?
Jamie was enjoying the ladies company, though he was admiting to nothing.
As ever Bob was surrounded as soon as he entered.
Carl, it was the first time for many of the fans to meet Carl, he started off at the corner of the bar with lots of room behind him. Before the long he was up against the wall.
Thats Brenda getting his autograph.
Betty came in straight from filming on her way home. As she didn't finish until late she popped around and spoke to everyone at the tables.
After dinner there was a late showing of Emmerdale on the big screen in one of the rooms at the hotel. after which fans chatted and drank until the small hours,